KOMA, the first comic festival in Brno presents contemporary comic production. Comic initiatives in Brno, KOMIXXX – Šaufenstr Gallery – Aargh! Magazine join together to present different forms of comic and contemporary art as two interconnected worlds.
KOMA Festival brings exhibitions, live painting, art instalation, symposium, movie projections, workshops, comic market, concerts, theater, storytelling and many more.


Komixxx, the art project entering fifth year of its existence. The international platform has joined contemporary artists, general public and comic creativity in the way of international review exhibitions. Art pieces are created directly in chosen atypical city places, brownfields, in public space of Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. The Komixxx project has defined a platform of hundreds of artists, lectors, musicians and comic fans.
See more: www.komixxx.cz


The only Czech comic gallery in public space. As a non-profit group of comic fans we presents contemporary comic. The Šaufenstr Gallery was found in 2012 in Vienna. An unused shop window served as exhibition „hall“, where the stories of many Czech authors in German translation were presented. That year we held reciprocal exhibitions of contemporary Austrian comic in shop window of newsagent in Brno. We have stayed in Brno focusing on actual production of not only well known authors but unknown ones too.


The comic magazine Aargh! was found in 2000 and became the first Czech platform for young authors generation. Within many years it has turned from small black and white publication to full-colour magazine of 132 pages and greatly extended its point of interest. Still offers pages for comic beginners and next to them publishes both well known Czech authors (included Kája Saudek, Renáta Fučíková, Lucie Lomová, Pavel Čech and more) and foreign quality production. In extensive journalism part brings interviews with outstanding authors, articles about Czech comic history and presents actual events on European comic scene.